Fleet 514 Membership Form

We are STILL talking about getting an on-line registration and payment system set up, but in the meantime keep doing it the old way - 2016 Fleet Membership Form

So what are the benefits of being a member?  It used to be that the main 'product' you got was a monthly newsletter in your mailbox.  In this day of all-electronic communication, you don't really 'get' anything that you can't get for free anyway, and all of our communications are sent to a much broader group than just Paid Fleet Members.   Members are invited to our annual banquet and various social events through the year, but the events we host are open to all Hobies, Fleet members or not.  In addition, the $20/year we ask from members is a relatively small (but not trivial) portion of the revenue stream (most of our annual revenue is generated at the Pinata Regatta). 

So why Join?  Best I can say is it just a great way to show your support for the fleet.  It says you support the efforts with the events we host, and that it is worth a little donation.  Plus, it makes you feel good to join a group whose work you support!

Fill out the form below if you have any questions, and thanks!

Tony Krauss, Commodore