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Pinata Regatta 2015

- Welcome to the 2015 Pinata Regatta and Division 2 Championships page!  Registration will be closed the afternoon of Tues, Oct 6, onsite only after that.

 - Next year, we are also hosting the 2016 Hobie 16/18 North American Championships, and have put together a fun video showing the venue - Check it out HERE

Sailing Instructions - HERE

Go to our Facebook Event Page and click on the 'Going' tab - HERE

- Registration - To be closed the afternoon of Tues, Oct 6 - Registration will be open onsite Friday, 5:30.  Click - HERE

- List of Competitors - HERE

- Notice of Race - HERE

- Storefront closed - Merch sales will be available at the Event

- Playa Bonita RV Park 2015 Camp Reservations - HERE

- Contacts for the Playa Bonita Resort Hotel can be found in the Notice of Race above.

- Lodging contact for the Sonoran Sky Condos, adjacent to the regatta venue -

Attn: Marissa Hernandez. Rocky Point Reservations Specialist.

Toll Free From Mexico 01 800 681 6534

Toll Free from USA 1 800 997 9431

- Venue Map, showing lodging and the Race Area - HERE

- Travel Keyplan Map, showing emergency phones, fuel, and American fast food (if you need that) - HERE

- Final Driving Approach - HERE

 - You will need Mexican Auto Insurance for your vehicle, trailer, and boat.  We suggest www.insurance4mexico.net

 - Fleet Suggestions on crossing with pets and Multi-boat stacks - HERE

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